Junior senator seats open up for spring ’07

by Andrea Miller

By chance, two ASWC Junior Senate positions became available for the upcoming spring semester.

Last May, the junior class elected Kate Rosenburg and split ticket holders Griff Lambert and Sam Bell to the ASWC Senate. However, Rosenburg and Bell will be taking leaves of absence beginning next spring and Lambert will be studying abroad for the semester. The Senate was obliged to fill those open seats.

On Nov. 28, Gabrielle Arrowood and Dan Shaw were elected for the open Junior Senate positions. Arrowood ran for the Senate back in May on a split ticket with Maile Zeng, believing she would be studying abroad in the spring of 2007. However, Arrowood’s plans changed, and the seats left open by Rosenburg and Bell provided her with an opportunity to serve ASWC another semester. Arrowood will continue with her position on the Programming Committee and her efforts of “increasing students’ awareness of how programming works on campus, as well as helping to plan and execute different campus stuff that goes on,” she said.

Dan Shaw took the election as an opportunity to “participate in something [he] was highly critical of.” Shaw will be on the Policy Committee, which he describes as a “place where [he] could most effectively participate” and where he hopes to advance three new initiatives. He hopes to increase and strengthen awareness of environmental policy on Whitman’s campus. Shaw is looking into using windmills owned by Whitman as an energy source for the campus as opposed to selling that energy and commissioning energy for the campus from outside sources. Giving up that profit would be an advancement for the environment. Shaw is also looking to introduce a policy implementing gender neutral bathrooms and improvement of handicap resources on campus.


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