Platforms for WA State Senate candidates

Mike McGavick, Republican

“Northwestern voice of civility”

He has never held an elected office. He is the former Chairman, President, and CEO of Safeco Insurance.

McGavick wants to invest in early childhood education, excel educational standards with acts such as No Child Left Behind, increase grant, and make the US more competitive with other nations.

War on terror
McGavick wants to work to root out radical terrorism and support our troops. He is committed to deterring nuclear programs and to addressing North Korea’s nuclear testing. He believes we cannot retreat from our moral obligation in Iraq and we must fully implement the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations.

McGavick believes we need an overhaul of our nation’s immigration system, beginning with securing our borders and creating a rigorous path to citizenship.

Health care
McGavick wants to control healthcare costs by putting patients in control of their health care decisions and helping the uninsured gain care.

McGavick believes environmental conservation and productive development are not mutually exclusive. He says we can protect and improve our environment while allowing responsible human development. McGavick is against the removal of dams in Eastern Washington, and he wishes to curb human contribution to climate change.

Fiscal responsibility
McGavick believes Congress must make tough choices to get the deficit under control. He also advocates a non-partisan approach to Social Security.

In the news:
The Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging that his $17 million severance in cash and accelerated stock options given by Safeco (his previous employer) amounted to an illegal campaign contribution to his Senate campaign. The ruling is still pending.

Maria Cantwell, Democrat

“Putting us forward”

Incumbent, originally sworn into office in 2001.

Economic growth
Cantwell says she is committed to helping middle class families in our changing economy. She has worked to boost small businesses and create jobs in both traditional and new areas.

Security at home
Cantwell believes that the government’s highest priority should be to keep all Americans safe. She has fought to increase border security, to develop new technologies for civilian protection from unseen threats, and to better equip our ground troops.

Security in the world
Cantwell believes that we must keep our country safe and secure by using our power and influence to promote freedom and democracy.

Energy independence
Cantwell is the Senate Democrats’ leader on Energy Independence and is working to end our addiction to foreign oil by 2020.

Clean environment
Cantwell considers hersef one of the nation’s strongest environmental leaders. She has supported policies to hold corporate polluters accountable and to protect our pristine roadless areas from logging and road construction.

Affordable health care
Cantwell supports programs to provide affordable coverage, to guarantee children access to health care, and to provide medication and care to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill.

Responsible government
Cantwell considers it a priority to keep the government clean and accountable to the people it serves.

Quality education
Cantwell wants to invest necessary resources and use the best technology in implementing a comprehensive strategy for K-12 education and higher education.

Protecting our rights
As we enter the information age and more personal information becomes publicly available, Cantwell is committed to protecting our privacy. She believes privacy rights are more important than ever.

Secure retirement
Cantwell believes we have a responsibility to protect Social Security and Medicare and to stand up to special interests to get health care costs under control.

In the news:
As Cantwell pulls ahead in the polls, she has come under fire for her unwillingness to grant McGavick additional time for televised debate. Editorials in the Daily Olympian and the Yakima Herald-Republic have rebuked Cantwell, claiming that she is afraid to confront McGavick.

Robin Adair, Independent

“Unexpected Candidate, Uniquely Qualified”

Adair has not held an elected office.

The Economy
Adair warns of a Congress-constructed “sub-economy” that has replaced the classic economy. She believes that removing money from circulation decreases economic growth, and foresees this resulting in the collapse of our economy. She says the poor and middle class will take the brunt of this collapse. She believes congress should adopt a natural economic method to avoid destabilizing, abrupt changes.

The Constitution
Adair claims that American rights are under attack by the government. According to her campaign literature, she is anxious to “take action” on issues of torture, and the alleged “removal of Habeas Corpus.”

Iraqi War
Adair says that the United States should withdraw to Kurd territory and keep only a “career” presence in Iraq. She believes that if we pull out entirely, Iran will invade and more will die.

Adair accuses Congress of allowing bribery to influence legislation and voices concern for how these irresponsible decisions will effect our future generations.

Social issues
Adair offers an economic model to make Social Security profitable in 17-20 years, to make insurance affordable, and to clean up Medicare.

Adair says we need to clean up pollution with innovative technology.

Adair believes that illegal immigrants are hurting our sense of community and increasing crime rates. She advocates border patrol and better knowledge of who is entering.

In the news:
On occasion, respectful acknowledgement of Adair’s candidacy is made in the news. Many have denounced her status as a “serious candidate.”

Bruce Guthrie, Libertarian

“It’s time for real change”

Guthrie does not hold an elected office. He is a lecturer in the Department of Management at Western Washington University.

A Policy of Peace
Guthrie says he wants to get America back on the path to Peace by ending the occupation of Iraq, reducing troops permanently stationed abroad, and keeping an all-volunteer military.

A culture of freedom
Guthrie’s campaign literature emphasizes maintaining individual freedoms. He claims that the current administration has ignored this important value through domestic spying programs, passing the Patriot Act, and ignoring individual rights to medical care.

Restoring faith in democracy
Guthrie is committed to counteracting recent cynicism about democracy. To do so, he will work to ensure fair elections, pursue and prosecute allegations of corruption, and restore checks and balances.

National Deficit
Guthrie voices concern about the financial state our country is leaving our children in. He denounces deficit spending and the irresponsible politicians who are allowing it to happen with an increasing frequency.

Support veterans
Guthrie is prepared to re-allocate resources from other spending areas in order to keep our promises to Veterans.

Social Security
Guthrie believes that by ending war in Iraq, cutting corporate welfare and making responsible financial decisions, we will be able to keep promises of Social Security benefits to our senior citizens.

In the news:
On Oct. 1, The Seattle Times reported that Guthrie will loan his campaign a substantial part of his life savings—nearly $1.2 million. The loan was an attempt to meet the fundraising requirement for inclusion in KING-TV’s debate among the candidates. Guthrie participated in the Oct. 17, 2006, debate alongside Cantwell and McGavick. Dixon was barred access.

Aaron Dixon, Green Party

“We have a choice: a grassroots run for the senate”

Dixon does not currently hold an elected office. He is an American activist and former captain of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party.

Out of war, into communities
Dixon says he is committed to ending the nation’s many unjust wars. He believes that peace and justice cannot be obtained through war. Furthermore, he wants to redirect resources currently used for war to aid in the rehabilitation of communities at home.

The war on drugs
Dixon challenges the war on drugs as a successful policy. He wants to reform criminal justice, including repealing the laws that ban drug offenders from housing, food stamps, access to their children, college assistance and the right to vote. He believes that following rehabilitation, a person should be effectively returned to society.

Attacks on civil liberties
Dixon opposes all legislation that will give the government more intrusive powers with regard to the civil liberties of free persons.

The environment
Dixon wants to dramatically reduce global carbon emissions in the next few decades through aggressively regulating and reducing emissions, as well as increasing investment in environmentally sound systems.

Economic foreign policy
Dixon does not support policies that advance globalization. He pushes for fair trade rather than “free trade.” He supports economic relationships of equality, not domination by capitalist countries.

Relations with developing world
Dixon believes that the paternal and punitive relationship with our Latin American neighbors must end. He also believes that Africa needs development based on fair trade relationships and the ownership and use of its rich natural resources for its people. He wants to introduce legislation that will push for enforceable norms of behavior by both international organizations and private corporations, to reduce Western control in the developing world.

National defense
Dixon says he supports nuclear disarmament and the end of funding for Star Wars and the militarization of space.

Health Care
Dixon believes we need a single-payer health care system and he supports legislation to provide every person in the nation with complete preventative, acute and chronic health care coverage.

The spoiler issue
Dixon wants to break the myth that a vote for him is either pointless or amounts to a vote for another candidate. He says his opponents do not represent Washington’s interests and that voting for them sends the message that you support their constant betrayals.

In the news:
On Oct. 17, Dixon was arrested for trespassing at KING-5 television studio in Seattle, in protest of his exclusion from the televised U.S. Senate debate being filmed there. A KING video of the arrest showed Aaron Dixon being led out of the lobby by officers and then placed in the back of a police car in handcuffs, as dozens of his supporters chanted “Let him go!” Dixon did not meet the sponsors’ criteria of public support or fundraising to participate in the debate.



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2 responses to “Platforms for WA State Senate candidates

  1. jc4president

    Glad to see a variety of positions, opinions, and choices. Sorry incumbent, but from now on, I’m voting out all career politicians. Enough is enough. I’ve had it with your crap. Unfortunately there may be some OK candidates that I’ll vote against, but I’m willing to bet the sun with still rise and set without you.

    Bring it on Libertarian, Green, and others. Address the issues and let’s get something done for a change. Wow, ya think?


  2. Dear Whitman College “Pioneer” — from Robin Adair recently a candidate for U S Senate, Washington State. November 11, 2006.

    1. You printed that “Many have denounced
    her status as a “serious candidate””. All the sources we have investigated used hearsy and gossip and “published” in blogs. PLEASE CITE YOUR SOUCES IN AN E-MAIL TO ME : There is going to be an
    investigation of State election procedures.

    1. Your analysis of my Sub-Economy theory was clear. Remember that the Sub-Economy can be found throughout history and is not limited to the U S Congress in this decade, nor in the period leading up to the Crash in 1929.

    2. You listed that Bruce Guthrie was a college proff, Aaron a Captain in the Black Panthers but did not give MY CREDENTIALS:

    >> I majored in Politcal Philosophy and Economics at Claremont, mentored by a Milton Friedman-U/Chicago group member, Martin Diamond ( Scripps College ) .
    I am a theoretical economist, U/Chicago trained.
    Three years ago I began my serious theory work on the American Economy .

    When I began to be ABLE TO WRITE LAW to Reverse the Sub-Economy, I began to distribute and talk about the work : the Reforms include Soc.Security, Insurance, and Medicare, and much more. [It is laid out on website: “” in a Theorist’s Notebook blogging fashion…scroll down passed the Post Election notations, Introduction, and Issues. ]

    I have also done extensive work on the Constitution and have testified before a US Senate Standing Committee (in “D.C.”) in a sealed case against a corrupt and unconstitutional court in Washington State. [And yes, testifying is like the old news reels and movies ! ]

    I have done 40 yers of community work much of it in an executive capacity, and raised a family. I’m as well qualified to serve as a Senator as any
    candidate who came forward.

    My hobby is Field Geology (with most of my
    degree work under Dennis Hibbert). I’ve tramped
    the West, China and the Mid East (with old
    Aramco Maps). I have a different “take” on
    Global Warming: see Sci.Am.mag March 2005 .

    It is profoundly disturbing that my candidacy
    and my qualifications have been put in question by hearsay and gossip and that I have been “denounced”. I have already introduced First
    Amendment questions.

    I spent three years sorting out why our economy is not “classic” any longer. I minded Adam Smith and “watched the money move” : finding huge amounts of money being removed from circulation
    by actions of the Congress in a process circumventing competiton and operating in contravention of Taft-Hartley : illegal and unstablizing behaviors.

    The total volume of money moved has created an entire Second Economy, now dominant over the classic one. The money is taken from circulation (where it is badly needed) , is moved through the investment markets (where it drives down interest and earnings), and then is “exported” globally. The money is removed from “circulation” before it can create growth, leaving a “flat” economy, unable to conduct commerce and support the people. The movement causes internal Interest Rates to reset themselves, and produces Inflation, confounding the Federal Reserve and the internal investment markets. Investment “indicators” show market activity — but it isn’t healthy activity for America : the money is being invested abroad. My doctoral candidate godson said “Aunt Robin — you have seen things everyone thought they understood and rearanged them slightly to show a
    whole new picture !”
    Before now the Sub-Economy always resulted in a major Crash: now we can Reverse it without disaster : take no more money from circulation,
    create deflation, destroy part of the Sub-Economy freeing up money, and reduce current costs, by using risk and probability math (actuarial tables)
    [ I am doing what Teddy Roosevelt was doing in 1905 : Trust Busting. But I am using many of the tools the New Deal used to get the “1929 Crash” economy up again in 1933-1934. This “fix” is
    solidly based in Good Economics. ]

    Most Sincerely, Robin Adair
    “” “’

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