Not so (post)secret

A few years ago Whitman College was ranked high in the catagory of “Happiest Students.’ Year after year, our ranking continued to slip and we always wondered why. Thanks to the postsecret exhibition in Stevens Gallery, we now know. Man, Whitman College, you’ve got angst. I mean, I know we all got problems, but damn. Well, we want to help you. But we can’t help you if we don’t know you. So, we thought we’d use this week’s issue to break down this whole anonymity thing. We’ve got our hands on some unused postsecret submissions and we’ve decided to publish them with names. Also, we thought we’d throw ours up here for good measure. Enjoy! And seriously … just take a deep breath.

George Bridges, President

Ron Urban, Registrar







Dru Johnston, Back Page Editor




George, Fictional Character and friend of Lenny


Stephen Carter, Back Page Editor


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