New pool a hit with swim team

by Andrea Miller

Full of STL (Swim Team Love, for those not in the know), the Whitman College Swim Team inaugurated the new Harvey Pool with a first-year performance of a Disney medley, including tunes from “Aladdin” and “The Lion King,” and a strong showing from all classes against the alumni team.

When asked about the competition, Rhea Edelman said,“Did you see the alumni cheating?”

The inauguration of the pool during Family Weekend on Oct. 21 was its first formal competition although Coach Jennifer Blomme said it was “certainly a competition, but I don’t know about the formal.”

Thus, Edelman’s comment about the cheating: Alums used fins and were able to use multiple swimmers against just one Whitman swimmer.

The women’s team has four new first-year additions, and the men’s team has six first-year additions. The first-years kindly entertained eager friends, family and students in Harvey’s raised seating with song and dance to the sounds of Ludacris and Disney show tunes.

Senior Danielle Alvarado found the performance to be a “thrilling piece of theatrics.”

Of the new swimmers themselves, Alvarado said, “We couldn’t have asked for a more excellent group. They work hard, support each other on and off the deck, and are generous with their swipes into food service.”

Of the new pool, junior captain Erin Pettersen said it is “so fun” and “has a positive impact on the team in practice and competition.”

Alum Keith Jarrett says that the Whitman swim team is “very lucky to have such a great facility to compete in—I was proud to abandon everything I stand for and blatantly cheat in the new pool today.”

The team is looking forward to the Whitman community coming out to show some STL.


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