ASWC welcomes first-year senators

by Andrea Miller

The voiceless president (for he was sick and unable to speak), the Executive Council and the Senate warmly welcomed the newly elected first-year senators to ASWC.

Hiring Chair Laura Hanson said the first-year class “raised the bar this year,” in reference to the 207 students who turned out to vote. Those elected were Allison Armstrong, Seth Bergeson, David Changa-Moon and Brian Mendiola.

The first task of these senators was to preference one of four committees in which all senators participate. Each committee chair, with the exception of Policy Chair Jeff Wilson, who was not present, gave a briefing on the objectives and responsibilities of their committees.

Armstrong and Bergeson will be joining Chair Aisha Fukushima on the Programming Committee, Changa-Moon will be joining Chair Ajay Abraham on the Finance Committee, and Mendiola will be joining Jeff Wilson on the Policy Committee.
Also discussed in the forum were the concerns the Business Office is having with contracts involving paid compensation for members of ASWC, KWCW and the Pioneer.

The Business Office is worried that the volunteer participation too much resembles a student job for which the student must legally be paid minimum wage and is thus in violation of Washington Department of Labor and Industries regulations.

Many solutions are being discussed, though nothing has been decided upon that will provide participants with legally adequate compensation.


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