First-year elections kick off

Allison Armstrong
I think the class of 2010 is an amazing class and I would be honored to represent us in senate.  As a first-year, I am still learning all that this school has to offer, just as my classmates are.  I want to be able to help them with first year struggles and be able to voice any concerns or suggestions they might have.  So far, I love this school and want to work hard to keep it as good as it is, to not only maintain the endless activities and learning, but to also serve the greater Whitman Community not only by myself, but to involve the entire class of 2010 in changes that are made.  The coming year already sounds amazing (Flogging Molly, etc.) and I hope to be a part of the decisions in the coming year.

Seth Bergeson
I led capture-the-flag in pink shorts and body paint.  I led my high school’s fondue club and cycling club.  I led Whitman’s first British Romantic Comedy Fondue Party.  I led my high schools’ Student-Faculty Senate this past year and was my classes’ sole representative for four years.  Through my leadership in the Senate, I worked tirelessly to build and strengthen relationships throughout my previous divided K-12 school.  From the smallest kindergarteners to the oldest seniors, I sought and worked towards a completely united K-12 community.  Thus I wish to further strengthen the community of Whitman, a college that I love, and will work tirelessly to improve as a senator of the Class of 2010.

Adam Caniparoli
I want to be on Senate because I want to make a difference on campus.  I feel that as a student, it is difficult to influence the goings on here.  I plan to put together a better communications network because most people blow off the student digests and don’t know what’s going on.  I want to have more all-campus and all-class events to get to know more people and feel like a larger part of this wonderful community.

David Changa-Moon
I love people, Girls and Boys.  I feel as though I have a good sense of what the greater student body wants and needs.  For a school to function without a sense of unilateralism and to achieve the greater goal of community it seeks; students need to be allowed more influential positions within the school’s administration and governing.  I hope to establish at least one if not two students from each year to serve on the judicial system.  Students should hold other students accountable to the expectations of the school and can further offer prospective in the judicial process.  Further, I would like either senators, elected or appointed students to sit in on faculty and administrative meetings.  I would like to serve on the programming or financial committees and hope to bring a hot tub to campus as I have not been able to find one.

Sam Chasan
All I’m interested in is representing the views and ideas of my class, my (Jewett), and my section (2-West!!!), beyond that… what ideas are there?  Whitman rocks already.

Chuckie Harris
I want to meet people and serve the Whitman community, especially my class.  I’m open to new experiences and hope this will help me feel like a bigger part of the freshman class.

Jacqueline Kamm
The role of a senator is to be a representative of the larger group’s ideas, concerns, and aspirations.  If given the opportunity to serve as a senator for the class for 2010 I would do just that—be a representative.  I want to know all of your thoughts, make sure they are heard and then acted upon.  Being first year students we don’t know about all that happens at Whitman so it can be hard for us to be heard or know what issues are present on campus.  As your senator I would ensure that you would remain informed and your voice would be heard.  To learn about my specific plans, experience, or how to contact me further just ask or call me at 425-890-8053

Brian A. Mendiola
For the last year my biggest goal has been to become a United States Senator from Washington.  I plan to ignite the flame of my burning passion by running for senator of the Whitman class of 2010.  These years will become our metamorphosis as we get prepared to lead the day of tomorrow.  I cannot promise the sun and the stars, but you have my word that I will work to be as humble and hardworking as I can.  We will be building memories here that we will have for the rest of our lives, and my only wish is that I will have the honor to become a part of them and Whitman College history.

Manuel “Manny” Mora
Politics is in my blood.  My dad’s political career changed my life in ways I couldn’t fathom.  Because of it, I went from leading a secure and stable life to one full of uncertainty and struggle.  I learned first hand what happens when power is abused and the voice of people ignored.  My motivation to run for freshman class senator is fueled by a desire to ensure that the class’s voice is heard, that our rights are protected, and that we are treated with equity and respect.  Thus, my plan for the upcoming year is to give the class of 2010 a way to express, and if need be defend, their voice.  It’s not about me, it’s about you!

Alex T. Potter
I’m running for Senate to advocate for student interests.  For example, I plan this year if elected to advocate for faster internet connections in the dorms.  I bring experience as president of student government in high school, so I believe I can best support the interests of Whitman students.

Stephanie Silver
I would like to serve as an ASWC senator to get the chance to be involved on campus using what I think are my best skills – activity planning, helping others to get involved, and being generally enthusiastic!
My plan for they year is to find creative ways to get people excited about student activities and service here at Whitman.  I’m really excited for this year and I think I could contribute very positively to the ASWC team!

Melissa Yockelson
Whitman prides itself on its diversity, on the open-mindedness of its students.  My goal as a member of the ASWC Senate is to expand upon this pride.  I plan to do this by empowering the students by making sure that all avenues are open for them to have their voices heard.  This will be done through supporting the various clubs on campus, supporting free speech, and looking in to possible activism activities associated with national organizations such as Amnesty International or Save the Children.


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